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Oksana and Maria
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Oksana and Maria

Whoever once said that blondes have more fun must have had Oksana and Maria in mind! With her golden blonde hair, huge bosom and luscious hips, Oksana and Maria is any man’s dream play toy. She’s also got beautiful blue eyes, full lips and exotic slavic features that can drive you crazy. Here’s what Oksana has to say about herself:“

I just like to have fun! I know some people look at my hair and judge me, but I don’t really care about that. For me life is about living, feeling good and loving everything! I don’t mind being a toy for boys to play around with, because I’m sexy and I know it. Hanging out with guys that can appreciate me makes me feel so hot!

”With that body, it’s hard not to appreciate her. Oksana and Maria knows that every man lusts for the blondes with big boobs, and she loves it! Here’s what she says about her perfect night:

“We can meet up at your hotel or mine, it really doesn’t matter. Actually it doesn’t even matter if you’re a guy or a girl, I love all types. We can go out for some drinks and I can wear a sexy little dress that shows off everything. I like it when other guys look at me close beside you and get jealous. Or maybe we can stay in and I can wear something a little more comfortable and revealing just for you. In the end it doesn’t really matter, as long as by the end of the night I’m picking my clothes up off the floor!

”Wow Oksana and Maria! This is definitely a girl that just oozes sensuality. If you’ve always had that fantasy of the perfect buxom blonde all for yourself, this is the girl for you!

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  • Senchi

    Both of them please price?

  • Mobin

    I am very hot boy

  • naci

    oksana is interesting and addictive. You just can’t stop yourself from caressing her soft and white body. I was taken by her charm completely. With every move Belinda made my heart beat fast

  • tomek

    oksana in high heels and flimsy skirts is an open invitation. But she only belongs to her clients. Push her up against the wall or throw her on the table she likes it hot and hard

  • Ivan

    Fetish girl : )

  • Samira I.

    Being with this girl will be the best thing that you ever decided to do she will rock your world and you will never want her to leave you. She is amazing and she will make you feel like a king for the day or however long you want to be with her. She knows how to make any man feel special and she is always ready to please.

  • Casim

    The istanbul escort is what we are all scared of but excited by at the same time and this woman will have you feeling exactly the same way she will take you on a ride that you will feel like you will never come down from. You will be so satisfied and completely at ease you will feel no stress and all your troubles will have gone away.

  • Matthew S.

    Met the escort at an apartment which was very discreet the afternoon was extremely hot so we had a few glasses of wine and the time we spent together was amazing. She is certainly worth seeing the sex was wonderful and I was taken to places I had only dreamed of. I will definitely be booking her again and this time we will do all the things I couldn’t do last time.

  • Skia S.

    A couple of nights ago I met with Oksana. We met up and my hotel and I couldn’t believe my eyes when she was standing in front of me. Seriously guys she was so completely hot! She was stylish in tight blue jeans that showed her ass a while blouse and high heels. At first I thought she was a movie star that got lost and ended up in my room. I actually asked her if she had the right room cause I couldn’t believe it but she said that yes she was here just for me. I offered her some wine and we talked for a while. Conversation was very easy and natural. After a while she stepped away for a quick shower and came back wearing this little black lingerie. From that point on all I can remember was ecstasy! What an amazing woman! She did everything just they way I like and obviously knows how to please a man. It was such a great experience for me you shouldn’t miss this girl if you have a chance to see her.

  • Joseph

    During my last night in Istanbul I was frantically searching for an escort girl but having no luck on such short notice. I contacted Istanbul Escort Services and they were able to help me find a great girl right away. I met up with her at my hotel and I was so shocked! Emily was so gorgeous with a nice bubbly personality. By the time the door was closed the fun had already started! She was the kind of girl that I usually only dream about standing right here in front of me! She was young tall and super sexy. She made me feel so comfortable like she was really my girlfriend. Her kisses were fantastic and everything after that seemed like a dream. After a couple of hours we were finished both of us were happy and exhausted. I highly recommend Istanbul Escort Services not only for providing such a lovely girl but for their great service to find her for me on such short notice.