How to open an Istanbul Vip escort agency?

Istanbul Vip escort service agencies are popular these days. This is not surprising, given the incredible employment of consumers of this service, which are large businessmen who do not have time to organize their personal lives. But the schedule of many events, on which it is important for a businessman to appear, presupposes the presence of a satellite/companion. All these strong-minded, purposeful and rich people can become your customers. In this article, we will look at how to open an escort agency.

The room

At first, you can fully confine yourself to a home office. When developing a catalog in which all your models will be presented and their advantages listed, there is no strong need to invite a client to the office. It will be enough to have a website where each of the clients can get acquainted with the price list and candidates. Istanbul Vip Escort service meeting of the client with the ed candidates can be organized in a neutral territory. Subsequently, of course, there will be a need for renting premises of the appropriate level. Keep in mind that your customers are wealthy people, have a personal car or the opportunity to rent it if they come from another city. So the location is not so important, the more elegant will be the office environment.


Istanbul Vip escort In no case should you be stingy while planning to repair your office? Your customers are accustomed to seeing near to themselves all the quality. So hire a designer who will turn an ordinary office into a room where it's not a shame to receive a drowned person. Your product is beauty, intelligence, elegant manners. All this must be reflected in the interior.


When buying it, follow the same requirements as for the repair. You will need comfortable sofas, chairs, chairs for the reception of customers and coffee table with the fresh press, computer for showing photos and resumes of candidates. Do not forget about the musical accompaniment soft classical, jazz, any other unobtrusive music. It will be necessary to purchase a coffee machine for guests, so as not to treat reputable businessmen with ordinary instant coffee.