Being Escort in An Istanbul Escort Agency

Istanbul Escort agency, no less than the girl on call, is interested in doing business without unnecessary problems. Your safety is not threatened we are not looking for problems for ourselves and our escort partners. No one is going to restrict freedom of movement and action! While you work with our agency on an escort tour, you do not meet with any agency employee! All communication is only by phone or skype.

Otherwise, you feel like a simple tourist abroad. The escort is very common in the world, the agency's clients treat escort-girls with respect. Our escort models live in comfortable ultramodern hotels in the city center. To kidnap you, too, no one will try this is not a jungle, you are always in a quiet place, among normal and friendly people. It's just physically impossible to do! You yourself get from the airport to the hotel, where you will live during the escort tour. You contact the office by phone to coordinate further actions and working moments. In the same way, you return from the escort tour to your home.

The earning of a girl in an escort depends, first of all, on its attractiveness, on the ability to be able to please a man. Girls of our escort agency earn per day on average from 400 to 800 euros. In addition, customers often leave the girls a good tip for various special services. Therefore, the agency works only with girls who are able to work at high prices. If we doubt that you will succeed in escort work, we will tell you honestly and directly about it.

If you have all the problem is to credit a ticket, then the escort agency can in some cases contribute to solving financial issues. Such issues are discussed individually with the girl, and the final decision on lending is not done right away. It all depends on how much the agency will find a common language with you.